Planned Giving - Create Your Legacy

Express your values beyond your lifetime in a unique way to preserve not only your legacy but that of a

royal horse breed, The Lipizzan, for the ages. Like the Lipizzans you can make your mark on the world

stage by giving to an Organization that helps protect this magnificent breed for all time.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving is a gift arranged in the present but typically received after a donor’s lifetime. It is a Gift

that requires planning because it is technical in nature, usually involving assets and/or cash.

Popular Planned Gifts

Planned gifts come in many forms. Popular ways to give are via a will or a trust. Designating a charitable

organization as a beneficiary of retirement assets or life insurance are also commonly used. Charitable

gift annuities, charitable remainder annuity trusts, charitable remainder unitrusts, charitable lead trusts,

commercial annuity contracts, and retained life estates are other options. Tangible assets such as land,

artwork, equipment, etc. can also be designated!

The LRF Suggested Bequest Language

The LRF Legacy Notification

Are Your Lipizzans Protected

The Lipizzan Rescue Foundation can provide a home for your horses should something happen which

prevents you from being able to provide their care.

Whether or not you want to leave funds for the care of your Lipizzan is a decision that only you can

make. You can leave a nominal amount as a gesture of appreciation to the person who commits to

taking care of your horse or sufficient funds to cover your Lipizzan’s basic needs for the rest of his or her

natural life. Work with an attorney to draw up a special will, trust, or other document to provide for the

care and ownership of your Lipizzan as well as the money necessary to care for him or her.

Regardless of what you decide, keep the following advice in mind:

  • Create a plan for the future care of your Lipizzan even if you do not have extra funds for his or her


  • Consider all kinds of funding options available, for example; bank accounts, life insurance policies,

    annuity contracts, will/trust provisions, pet protection agreements, and donations of hard assets i.e.

    land, stocks or stock dividends, artwork, etc.

  • Consider your Lipizzan’s age, customary lifestyle and special needs when deciding the amount to leave

    for his or her care. (The ASPCA recommends $25,000 per horse)

  • Consider a donation to the Lipizzan Rescue Foundation for the future care and re-homing of your

    Lipizzan if something should happen to you.

Care for Lipizzan(s)

Equine Donation Agreement

Equine Donation Questionnaire

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