Our Vision

Mission Statement

There are an estimated 1,000 to 1,250 Lipizzans in North America. The Lipizzan Rescue Foundation was formed to assist with breed preservation and to provide aid to individual horses.


The Lipizzan Rescue Foundation is a registered 501 (3) (c) organization based in Las Vegas NV. The Lipizzan Rescue Foundation (LRF), as the only non-profit Lipizzan Rescue in the United States, joins others who have dedicated themselves to the preservation and safety of the Lipizzan horse breed. The first priority of the LRF is the rescue of Lipizzan/ Lipizzan Cross horses, who suffer from malnutrition or abuse, or are in physically dangerous or neglectful situations.

Lipizzan/Lipizzan Cross owners and agents may voluntarily contact the LRF for assistance with such horses. LRF may work with local, state law enforcement and other rescue organizations to identify and reach Lipizzan/Lipizzan Cross horses in need.


To accomplish its Mission, LRF will develop a network of volunteers and resources,both financial and informational, to aid in rescues, including, but not limited to: rescue locations, horse transportation services, foster care arrangements, volunteer services of veterinarians and farriers and sources of donations.

LRF will make careful use of all its resources intended for rescue operations, using financial help in some situations to sufficiently reduce the danger to the Lipizzan/Lipizzan Cross in lieu of physical removal of the animal in need.

Lyn Schaeffer

Lyn Schaeffer President – Lipizzan Rescue Foundation