LRF Giving Tree

Welcome to the Friends of Frankie Giving Tree!

We’ve created this page to help one of our very special horses, a horse named Frankie. When Frankie first came to us, he had several issues but the most noticeable one was that he was significantly underweight. With some outstanding care from his LRF foster home, his health has improved and his weight has increased. But his recovery is not over yet.

Frankie will need continuous rehabilitation for months to come. For consistent improvement, Frankie needs ongoing support in vet care, shoeing, and of course his food, including a specialized, expensive feed.

That’s why we created the Friends of Frankie Giving Tree.

You can help Frankie on his road to recovery by contributing something from his personalized Giving Tree. Whether it’s some of Frankie’s favorite feed or pretty new halter, your gift can do a lot to help this Lipizzan in need.

You can be part of Frankie’s success story. You can give him what he needs. You can be a real friend to a horse in need.

Give a gift from the Giving Tree


Hay - $15.93


Farrier - $40.00


Feed - $23.36


1 Week of Specialized Training - $100.00


Wormer - $13.80


Vaccines - $48.00


Halter - $28.68


Chiropractor - $75.00