Faith in Maryland

When we first rescued Hope and Faith, they were ill and in need of some good health care and loving attention. Hope has found her new home. Faith is still available.

Faith is smaller and brawny. She is a bit more standoffish unless there is a carrot present—and then she comes running. She has fully recovered from her illness and has a clean bill of health. Along with eating, Faith’s favorite activity is being ridden outside. 

Faith is half Lipizzan, but we are uncertain about the other breed in her heritage.  She is approximately 23 years old and is 14.3 hands tall. 

She is sound and enjoys a good run in her pasture. She walks, trots and canters and willingly does what is asked of her.  She understands cues easily but is still a bit unbalanced in her gaits. She is being ridden regularly by a youth.

Is your barn Faith's forever home? If you have questions about adopting this mare, please reach out to us.  

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