Sir in Washington

Hi,  I am a 14 year old gelding who has spent most of my life playing in a field.  I am looking for someone to work with me and give a job.  I really want my own person.  Sir/LRF

I do think he can do regular work and that he is very trainable.  He seems very willing and smart and did his best on everything we asked him.  Jane

Sir is much nicer overall than the photos indicated.  Jane

10/27/18 Sir is one of the sweetest horses I have owned and I have owned lots.  He has his new routine down, whinnies at me every time he sees me, is very willing and smart.  He began working last week and is wearing a SRS lunging cavesson that was loaned to me,  He loves attention and seems to like work.  My coach is going to help me train him totally classically so he will get to be an authentic dressage Lip; not the competitive "crank and spank" variety of horse now in the show ring.  I would say he has really attached to me and if I have him on the cross ties, he gets upset if I am out of sight for a minute.  He was standoffish at first but no longer.  He will never replace the one I lost, but he will be pretty special in his own way  Lynn

11/18/18 I would say he is quite happy here.  He has his routine, he watches me and talks to me when I am outside.  Yesterday when I went to get him to lunge he told me he was glad I did not change his name (mine are all after artists), that he was supposed to be with me and that he wanted a red saddle pad under his surcingle.  Guess that nixes the beautiful blue browband  I saw on Delfina. He is doing well on lunge with side reins in a training level frame and takes everything I do with him in stride.  He was pretty unbalanced on the lunge but is getting better.  He loves the attention and being talked to.  My farrier and vet both liked him.  Thank you because I have been sad since I lost Leonardo and he will most certainly fill his spot in my heart.  I have 4 other great horses I am riding but these guys are extra special.   Think he will be hot once he gets fit and balanced but that is great; I love fire as long as it is controllable.  Lynn 


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