Adoption or Placement


Sophia in South Carolina - Adopted

We’d like to introduce you to one of our charming ladies of the South, Sophia. Sophia is a 21 year-old registered Lipizzaner mare who stands 15 hands tall. Although she cannot be bred, she can be ridden and needs a confident rider. Trail riding is one of her favorite things to share with her human. Sophia is sound but does require occasional chiropractic work to maintain her soundness. This lovely gal could be just the horse you are looking for!

Sparkey and Lonnie in Washington

Sparkey and Lonnie, two 11 year-old registered Lipizzans, are in search of their forever home. This mare and gelding are closely bonded to one another so they must be kept together. Sparkey and Lonnie are handled together for their farrier appointments and grooming, but they have no other training. They are both are 14.1 hands tall, a closely matched pair that makes them great candidates for driving. If you think this cute couple could find a spot in your heart, please submit an application to adopt them!

Stella in California

Stella is a big, beautiful girl! At 14 years old and standing 16.3 hands tall, this gorgeous Lipizzan and Swedish Warmblood cross is a good brood mare prospect. She can do some light riding although she does shown signs of intermittent unsoundness because of arthritis in her front feet. Stella would be a lovely addition to any barn. How about yours?

Sir in Washington-ADOPTED

To Sir, with love.  Just like the 60s movie, we love our Sir.  A 14 year-old registered Lipizzan gelding, Sir has had very little training.  He is most familiar with the lunge line. He can be very hot but handles well for the farrier and basic grooming tasks.  Even with these challenges, we think the perfect home for our Sir is out there. Could he be your Sir, with love?

Faith in Maryland - HOPE HAS BEEN ADOPTED!

When we first rescued Hope and Faith, they were ill and in need of some good health care and loving attention. Hope has found her new home. Faith is still available.

Faith is smaller and brawny. She is a bit more standoffish unless there is a carrot present—and then she comes running. She has fully recovered from her illness and has a clean bill of health. Along with eating, Faith’s favorite activity is being ridden outside. 

Faith is half Lipizzan, but we are uncertain about the other breed in her heritage.  She is approximately 22 years old and is 14.3 hands tall. 

She is sound and enjoys a good run in her pasture. She walks, trots and canters and willingly do what is asked of her.  She understands cues easily but are still a bit unbalanced in her gaits. She is being ridden in a hackamore.

Is your barn Faith's forever home? If you have questions about adopting this mare, please reach out to us. 


Mona in Maryland - Adopted

Mona--short for Mona Lisa—is one of the mystery horses of the LRF. She is not a Lipizzan but she certainly looks like one. The preliminary DNA tests at Texas A&M showed that her genetic markers are very similar to the Venezuelan Criollo, Peruvian Paso, and Chilean Criollo breeds. We’re not sure of her exact heritage but she certainly has the flavor of a Spanish horse.

Mona loves attention. She stands great for the farrier and loves to be groomed. However, like most of us, she doesn’t like shots! This mare has no reservations about making her feelings known and will give her opinion when she feels it’s necessary.

Aside from her affinity for food, Mona’s other great love is the outdoors. She loves being out in the pasture or a run-in shed. Although we are uncertain of her past, it seems that being indoors is a novelty to her. She has not yet been ridden on trails.

This 14 year-old mare has shown a definite liking for certain humans, namely a young girl named Alex. Alex spent some time riding and bonding with Mona, and Mona really enjoyed their time together. Afterwards she saw Alex in another pasture with another horse, and Mona went running to the fence between them, just to get closer to the young girl. Mona’s right front hoof shows signs of a past injury, but she is completely sound. When she is being ridden, it’s obvious that Mona has been ridden at the walk, trot and canter. Mona is currently being ridden with a hackamore. She works well with her adult riders and may be suitable for young riders as well.

If you would like to give a home to a sweet mare that wants to please, Mona could be the horse of your dreams.