Pasture Mate Program

Please consider becoming a Foster parent to an older, retired Lipizzan

You can make a huge difference in the life of a wonderful retired Lipizzan.  The Lipizzan Rescue Foundation has a number of deserving individuals looking for places to spend their last years of life.  Perhaps you have a field with shade and grass where one or more Lipizzans could live and provide you with the knowledge that you have helped.

Each Foster opportunity is individualized for you and the Lipizzan.  In some situations, the Foster home donates all the feed, care and support for their Foster Lipizzan.  In other situations, LRF Sponsors provide some of the funds to cover part of the care while the Foster donates a portion.  In still other cases the LRF Sponsors cover all the costs and the Foster parent provides the love and day to day care to give their Foster Lipizzan a contented life.

If you have room in your heart and fields for a Foster Lipizzan, please look at our list of Foster candidates, pick one or more to graze in your fields and complete an LRF Foster Application.  An LRF representative will contact you to customize your foster experience.

Every empty field needs at least one beautiful white horse grazing contentedly.



Registered mare 27 years old. Please contact us to learn more.

Sponsor Maya

Lexa and Lolita in Texas

Lexa and Lolita are two of the most amazing Lipizzans we’ve met.  Why? Because they epitomize the pure love of the Lipizzan breed. They bring to life the amazing resilience, intelligence and loving nature of the Imperial Whites.  

This pair of pasture mates are bonded and must be adopted together.  They were left to themselves in a pasture for many years but this isolation did not make them mistrustful of humans. Instead they developed huge hearts. They’ve learned to give an enormous amount of love.

Lexa is a 21 year-old Lipizzan who is 15.1 hands tall.  Because of several operations for benign tumors around her eyes, Lexa has some scarring. That one eye may also have a vision challenge but it is a slight one.

Lolita is also a purebred Lipizzan.  She is 23 years old and is 15 hands tall. Although she is no longer a broodmare, Lolita shows signs of her broodmare past.  Her body and musculature indicate a long history of carrying foals.

These two do a great job of being pasture mates. They come running for food. They love scratches on their neck and their backs. They love being brushed and fussed over.  “They love being sweet-talked,” says their foster mama. “And they sweet talk back. Especially Lolita.”

Could you use some more sweet-talking in your life?  If so, Lexa and Lolita would be a great addition to your family! These two have a lot of love to give and the person who adopts them will be one lucky human.

Sponsor Lexa and Lolita



Registered mare 23 yrs. Please contact us to learn more.

Sponsor Casey